Epicurus and Zeno

In the ancient Greek philosophy, there are two opposites. One of them was the philosopher Epicurus, who said that the world is composed of atoms and the human soul as well, albeit for very fine atoms. Once the atomic compounds dissolve that make up the soul, so also the soul automatically disband itself. So there … Continue reading Epicurus and Zeno


Blade Runner 2049

25 years ago was the first part of Blade Runner, which was supplemented by a second, equally dark and equally well-made movie this year. It is a dystopia drawn, in the one hand, people live, parallel to them, the artificially bred people who replicants. These need to be kept low, because otherwise there could be … Continue reading Blade Runner 2049

Don’t your shoes make you happy?

There are certain life coach in the literature who think that we should give up the things that do not make you happy. Simplify your life, less is more. On the one hand this may be true. On the other hand, result from the fact the same questions. Your shoes do not make you happy? … Continue reading Don’t your shoes make you happy?

10:05 knife attack in Munich

Apparently, a few minutes ago in Munich on Rosenheimerplatz a knife attack with multiple casualties took place. The app Katwarn reports following. City of Munich reports: Warning special case. Valid from 10.21.2017, 10:05. Warning: Police use at Rosenheimerplatz. Perpetrators injured several people with knives. Avoids the entire area around the Ostbahnhof! Perpetrator is currently fl├╝chig. … Continue reading 10:05 knife attack in Munich