Cry for help from Orissa (India)

Here is a mail that reached me this morning and that made me very concerned. How would I be in such a situation? Even so brave as my friend or helpless and desperate. The measure of people bringing together, to give help to Orissa, is a courageous measure of my friend in such a situation in which some 100 people were killed and in the meantime 13,000 Christians are living in refugee camps and many other Christians are submerged. Many have fled into the jungle.

Dear Brother Gunther,
Your friend in Christ.
How much I am thankful to you at this time of extreme need. 13,000 people are in the relief camps. We have no clue how many are whereabouts. 42 people have been killed [Identified] another 60 have not been identified. Total of dead people would be more than 100. Most christian homes have been burned or destroyed. Yesterday, I returned from visiting people and meeting with various leaders in the Capital City.
I am planning for immediate action plans and how best we can help our people to restore them. Your need will definitely make some difference. Mobilise as much as you can and if possible send help what ever you can. Please pray that the Lord would supply this need Urgently.
Looking forward to hearing from you at the earliest opportunity.
With Oneness,
Falls Ihr für Orissa spenden möchtet, schreibt mir eine Email an
Ich werde euch dann die Kontonummer mitteilen über die die Hilfe für Orissa koordiniert wird.
Bild: , Uta Herbert

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