We want you – for theolounge.org

We want you to – if you studied (or are studying) theology, philosophy, if you are a missionary, or if you are interested in faith, christianity, dialog of cultures and religions or something similar.

Our website www.theolounge.de has expanded very far, so that we now are proud to have 18.000 visitor-sessions a month.

We would appreciate, if you would like to become part of our religious network, that started in Germany, Swiss, Austria about one year ago and – with your help – might expand throughout the world, to give information, faith, help to those, who are looking for. We try to cooperate closely with the big estabilshed churches, i.e. katholic, protestant, baptist etc. churches. We do not cooperate with sects.

We are looking forward to having you as a writer for theolounge.org. We all write voluntarily.

If you are german, use this very good open-source dicitionary: http://dict.leo.org/

Please write us, if interested: mail@theologisch.com


One Comment Add yours

  1. voiceofneil says:

    i would be keen to write on Indian missionary activities

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