Harold Isn’t a Muslim Either

Harold isn’t Muslim. He’s Catholic. I’m Methodist. Somehow we’ve managed to live peacefully married for 57 years. We didn’t get married in the church. As far as I am concerned that was no great loss. A short ceremony meant I got to eat cake sooner.
And just like Harold, Barack Hussein Obama isn’t a Muslim either… unless of course you attend a McCain rally where they think he’s either Muslim, a terrorist sympathizer, or not a United States citizen. Most recently they are calling him a socialist. ” > more.

picture: roberto arias,flickr.com


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  1. jonolan says:

    OK, he’s not a Muslim – but I already knew that.

    He may or may not be a “proper” US citizen. He HAS so far refused to release a real Birth Certificate, having only released a Certificate of Live Birth which is a different thing.

    I lean towards Obama being legal qualified to be POTUS, but his refusal to end the debate by releasing the proper documentation makes me wonder a little bit.

    Obama’s economic theories ARE socialist. Please get over the fallacy that that they’re otherwise. It’s not an inherent crime though for them to be so or for you to like them even though they’re socialist.

    One thing though – Why is Colin Powell the only one to give the “really right answer” to the “Is Obama a Muslim” question?

    BTW: Why do people like yourself – and more importantly, Sen. Obama only deny his being a Muslim? Why doesn’t he – and the rest of his supporters – say it shouldn’t matter in America?

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