Hunger Isn’t History

hunger-mrkris-flThe world produces more food than ever. So why do nearly a billion people still not have enough to eat ? – On the road toward fulfilling the Bono-endorsed slogan, “Make Poverty History,” the world has hit an unexpected speed bump: prosperity. India‘s expanding auto industry puts 4,300 new cars a day on already-crowded streets. Oil-wealthy Russia has doubled its meat consumption since 2000. Brazil’s sizzling economy is growing its use of steel at a faster rate (over 20 percent this year alone) than nearly any other nation. China has increased its consumption of eggs by a factor of ten in recent years.” > more.

picture: mr.kris,


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  1. mindserased says:

    Lots of food, people still going hungry. MAYBE, just maybe, it’s because there are too many people in the world. Maybe if Christian missionaries, for instance, would stop being so uptight about sex and actually allow these poor people access to birth control, then there wouldn’t be so many starving kids to feed. If you’re gonna be pro-life, I think you gotta be pro-QUALITY of life.

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