12,000 year-old Woman: The First Jewish Mother?

mother-suzanna-flWhen I read about the discovery of the bones of a 12,000 year-old woman near the Sea of Galilee, clutching a leopard pelvis, sporting the plume of a Golden Eagle, and with a collection of 50 tortoise shells, I wondered: Is this the first Jewish Mother ? 
Or was she the first woman tycoon ? Clearly she had a lot of loot. And a leopard doesn’t give up its pelvis cheaply. Undoubtedly, she was a woman of substance. I imagined her as a Paleolithic Leona Helmsley, the real estate billionaire dubbed the “Queen of Mean” by her maid.  Perhaps she had cornered the cave market in the upper Galilee, just when nomads were turning sedentary. And did she really need to be buried with 50 tortoise shells, not to mention a human foot ?” > more
picture: suzanna,flickr.com


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