Life after death is reality – according to science

“A 3 year study by biological scientists pointed to the reality of life after death. In this Time article, science seems to buy into the notion that there is life after death. That’s what we Christians have been saying all along. Does this PROVE there is life after death? Well, about as much as you can prove there is global warming – if you apply the same standards they do – it looks that way, so it must be that way.” > more.

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  1. samrosemin says:

    Yes, I know it, that there is life after death, the Bible says so. By the way, Do you know the striking paralelism existing between 9/11 terrorists acts and the 9-11 verses in the Bible?

  2. As a musician, I believe that we are all musical notes in the melodic and harmonic composition of the Universe; in effect,an eternal vibrating energy that permeates both time and space. In my personal belief system, based on rationality and reasonable experience, I believe that the Creator of all things is the original composer of this melodic materpiece and that His voice is music. No, I’m not a Spinoza or Einstein, obviously. Just another ordinary being living and performing on this pretty planet.

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