Jesus is following me on Twitter

Jesus_TwitterSometimes very strange things can happen to you, especially on the internet. Today, I received the following email message:

Hi, Uwe Seibert. Jesus Christ (Jesus_personal) is now following your updates on Twitter.  A little information about Jesus Christ: 3032 followers 2246 updates following 2906 people You may follow Jesus Christ as well by clicking on the “follow” button on their profile.

First, I had a good laugh. But then, I thought about what had happened.   A Twitter user has given himself the name “Jesus Christ” and is sending short messages (2246 updates). Somehow he has come across my own Twitter profile (useibert) and has clicked the “Follow” button. Thus, his profile is now on my list of  “Followers”. It is now for me to decide whether I would like to read his updates, too. All I have to do is to click the “Follow” button.  Of course, I  won’t, since his updates are mostly links to some funny and useless products. What I will do is block him, so he doesn’t show up on my list of followers any more. I have done this to others before. There are many strange people out there ;-).

Actually I am a follower of  (the real) Jesus Christ. I have been for the past nearly 30 years. But that Jesus Christ didn’t just send spam messages, he brought salvation and hope to people. Following him and reading his updates is really worth it. His updates are not always easy to grasp. And those which are can give you headaches, too. Following Jesus Christ is more than simply clicking a “Follow” button.  I am glad he hasn’t blocked me yet, even if some of the stuff I send to him is “spam”.

The number of his followers is far greater than 3032. Otherwise, the world would be a much darker place. I love to communicate with his other followers, using Twitter, Facebook, Friendfeed or meeting people after Sunday service.


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