Pope’s UK visit will not be affected by Foreign Office memo, Vatican says

Pope Benedict XVI helds the weekly general audience-Vatican

Vatican notes apology and says document mocking Catholic church will have no impact on Benedict XVI’s visit.

The pope’s visit to Britain will not be affected by the leak of a memo from a Foreign Office brainstorming session that mocked the Catholic church, the Vatican said today.

Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi noted the Foreign Office apology and said the paper would have “absolutely” no impact on Benedict XVI’s visit in September, an official said. > more.
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  1. nigel borman & warren collins says:

    It is in our opinion that the fellows that wrote the letter that did not ridicule the pope, but that spoke of current logical trends that the Roman Catholic church should now adopt in this day of constant child abuse by the clergy through the Vaticans blinkered denials and cover-up
    Not to mention the AIDS infected human race partly brought about by the RC church doctrine.Will his holiness be visiting South Africa where 1 in 8 persons are infected with this desease to tell them its a gift from god that they must bear to be good Christians and heaven will surely follow! isnt it about time the RC church sold all their assets to help cleans the world of such Desease and Famine and Earthquake and Flood and Tsunamiand recently the RC city of quezon in the fire in the philippines.
    Surely they would have enough money with change, to aleviate all this suffering of fallen people throughout the world . the red cross doesnt need a building in the most high Value real estate areas as the RC church nor other Groups of aid workers in the same field.
    Sell or be Damned WE say to the Pope!
    Do something real! and get the respect of the common people instead of covering up criminals but first open yourself up and welcome a criminal investigation to clear your name if you indeed have no involvement of covering up! Do it and Do it NOW! By the way we both are of an opinion that the designers of the letter should be knighted or awarded an OBE at Least signed, Warren Collins and Nigel Borman

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