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Respect for Human Dignity. A Christian and a Kantian Approach

293458_web_R_K_B_by_Stephanie  Hofschlaeger_pixelio.deJosef Bordat. The “respect for human dignity” has Christian roots that are compatible with Kantian philosophy, as I will try to show. Both concepts are important to back up this fundamental value.

Human Dignity and Christianity

In order to respect every human being in its own personality as a person with inalienable rights one needs a set of ethical values as an absolute foundation to which reference is possible when needed. This kind of absolute anthropological postulate stands contrary to the relativism in human rights that makes human dignity a value determined by utilitarian ideas of the human being. Instead of respecting the dignity of human life in every point of its development as unquestionable, utilitarian arguments dominate the discussion concerning biotechnology and life science, which led recently to the question of whether torture should be permitted under the circumstances of global terrorism and organized crime.

Holding an absolute concept of human dignity has nothing to do with…>read more.

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