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Golden Rule and Intercultural Dialogue

golden rule James BurkeJosef BordatYesterday I wrote about human dignity in both Christian and Kantian ethics and assumed respect to be both a basic ethical idea of human rights and a method to spread these idea. But, the question is, how could it be realized? Especially in a global society of different cultures, of particular political ideas and pluralistic views, as we observe our world today? One hint we can find within the Golden Rule.

 Different Cultures, Similar Rule

 The Golden Rule is a fundamental moral principle that is a foundation of the ethics of reciprocity or mutuality. Mutuality is not possible without empathy, the ability to understand the needs of others, and that indeed is a precondition of the intercultural dialogue. So we are dealing with a moral principle that is deeply connected with one of the challenges of the world today.

The Golden Rule can be found in all major religions and cultures, what makes it a “global” moral principle. Not only in the Bible but also in other holy scriptures the Golden Rule can be found, for example in early Buddhism, Hinduism and Judaism.

 In the Buddhist Samyutta Nikaya we find the following:….>read more.

foto: James Burke, NamensnennungKeine kommerzielle Nutzung Bestimmte Rechte vorbehalten von Burkazoid,


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