A few numbers on firearms in the US

In the US, there is a nature, as they studied in Europe. There is, however, all sorts of animals, crocodiles, alligators, bears, cougars, and so on, so you want to blame a US citizen not readily or per se, if he likes to have a gun in the house, especially when he lives in a rural, sparsely populated region.

And in order to get automatic weapons, which give with one pulling the trigger a massive number of shots of himself, is apparently normally an examination of each person who wants to buy such a weapon, made which can last for several months ,

Still, there are obviously too many weapons in too many hands there and again there will be dramatic short circuit reactions of individuals, at the end then many innocent people are dead.

So now just a few days ago in Las Vegas. A staggering number is as follows. In the period from 1968 to 2015 1.5 million people died in the US from firearms to death. One wonders how many would it be so that rethinking starts.


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