Do you trust me?

When people encounter new to meet people, especially in romantic relationships, often falls that portentous sentence. Do you trust me?

What is meant here implicitly but usually not real confidence, but the hope of trust. Will you disappoint me? Will I disappoint you? Hopefully not.

So the real question should read, want you to trust me? Because only this question can be answered truthfully with yes.

Why? Because trust a future forecast in the behavior of a man thinks because of his past behavior. Only when you know a person long and hard, his behavior in all possible situations and know how he is likely to behave in accordance with this knowledge in the future, can be trusted. So you can make a prognosis regarding the future and expected behavior of a person. You can trust that this prognosis is likely to be correct.

For all other types of confidence regarding the future behavior of people who have been but just met, you can actually speak only of blind trust, which also means blind naive and unreflective here. You should straighten out at least for themselves, in these cases the matter so in your mind that you say, I want to trust, really trust can but I until I know this man well and longer. This is a small but subtle difference.


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