How do you say something correctly ?

Suppose you have, for example, no oranges in the house, but is of the opinion, given the soon onrushing winter was an increased vitamin intake makes sense as there are various ways to communicate this.

Direct and unsophisticated. We need oranges!

Recrimination. Again you have not bought oranges!

Prompt. please buy oranges!

Polite. If you should be randomly times while shopping, you could, if you should remind you to buy oranges as far as possible, please?

Scientific. The orange as citrus fruit contains a lot of vitamin C, which helps us to strengthen our immune system so that we in the different temperature conditions that prevail in the winter time and again, especially when leaving and re-entering buildings and the already rather somewhat drier air, bring increased likelihood to stay healthy.

Indifferent. Someone needs some pick oranges.

I message. So I eat for my part in winter indeed like oranges. For the sake of health. And I wish from you that you once do you think about my wish. Then we can even broach the whole.

Accusingly. You’re always with your forgetfulness, you’ll see, when we are all sick!

Jokingly. If I had an orange now, I need me to wish no more.

Pensive. You’d have to really go see where you could get oranges ago today.

Convinced. I! Need! Oranges! Immediately!

Pityingly. You do me so sorry, you always have to go shopping, and now even oranges!

Offended. Thanks, but I need those oranges from you not!

Self employed. You know, I’ll go get just oranges.

So what have I forgotten? And how to do it best? You can complete me happy. Or what kind of communication you choose usually?


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