What is important in life?

There are so all sorts of things to which you should pay attention in life. Personal relations, democracy, peace, a moderate lifestyle, tolerance and so on. Who wants to have the whole thing in a handy set for which there is below one, in English. Although it is not a success guide for a successful life, but a section of it. Because life is a bit more complicated than a single sentence. And it comes with whom you can discuss what and when. Many things can be said, but not at all times. One man understands this, another that. Conflicts occur when one bothered the wrong people with the wrong issues and then possibly even if it is just the stress. In itself nothing new, but like people forget this fact again and again and wonder why there is controversy. Well, you are now smarter so, when you read the below.

Five things you have to mind with care, to whom you speak, of whom you speak, how and when and where.

Simple, is shrill. It is not clever to blaspheme about the future chief, who was standing behind a. Generally backbiting does not make sense, because the people with whom you are blaspheming, turn around and do the same over the same in the way. Colleagues go private things principle of not too much. Private belongs in the private and will not be posted in the sense of a radio station out into the world. And so on. You get the idea.


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