How do you use your life?

The better question should really have been, as you use today? We humans know that our life is finite and eventually the time will come when it ends well. We all hope that this will not take long as possible and usually we are thus probably correct. Nevertheless, it is well that death is not something that comes at some point, but what is already in our lives. Every last day is gone forever. That’s why it makes a difference what we do today. That does not mean that one falls and unreflective and frantic to panic activism is to take advantage of every second of effort. But it should direct a to put more emphasis on the things that are essential. At the forefront are the human relationships here. Jesus formulated the commandment of charity and also to love our enemies. The fellow is the one that we just physically closest. And these are not always those with whom we feel closely connected us. But there are those with whom we can just contact interaction. The most important fact is the humanity and the most important time the present. It is true that thus the future life can be lived useful and very well should, of course, plan its future. Although one should reflect also the past in order to avoid mistakes in the future and the present. But one should never forget that we live in the here and now. And next to the humanity, to live life makes only human, there is also an awareness of himself. Jesus says, love your neighbor as yourself. This means that even yourself you should treat them well. In this context, the following sentence occurs to me that reflects this. Who does not enjoy, is inedible.

It should and must own life just enjoy. And beyond the next not lose sight of.


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