Translated by google translator from German to English. The original ist Herr

On Amazon Prime a series that is not just for theologians interesting and which now has two seasons, Lucifer is running. He, the light bearer, had apparently created with God the Father and was subsequently banished to hell as watchdogs and Lord of Hell. but gradually it seemed to him this is no longer to please and he took a break. Here the first season starts.

Over time you realize that Lucifer does have some problems had with his father-son relationship and like to have a discussion with his father. He also has a deep sense of justice, which qualified him as a sort of gentlemen hell because there really have to experience again and again for infinity people those things that hit particularly drastic choices in life were, and had had dire consequences for other people.

Lucifer meets Chloe, a single parent policewoman with a small daughter. Throughout the series we learn why Lucifer from it just can not drain. God himself had another son, Amenadiel, about 30 years earlier sent to Earth with a request to bless a married couple. The result of this blessing is the birth of Chloe, who henceforth umkrempelt Lucifer’s life with their sincerity so that he can not let her. It is incorruptible, even if they do not total has her life totally under control. Gradually, they will be interested in Lucifer, although they always know they should keep away from him. For he is the womanizer in person. However, it passes over the consequences more and more an inner transformation and also takes a psychologist for help,

You could still write a lot, but I think we should, the whole thing simply watch times.


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