Three important points for a successful life

Translated from German to English with google translator. According to Alfred Adler, the founder of individual psychology, a psychotherapist from Austria, there are three pillars in the life of every person that is important that the person feels his life as meaningful and succeeding in. These pillars are love, friends and work. It is assumed that these columns should be in balance in about so that man can feel his life as succeeding in and makes sense. Is one of the pillars of the solder or break away completely, it automatically has an impact on the other two pillars. Suppose most of the life is put in the work, of course, automatically come love and friendship too short. It comes to deficits in life. Does anyone, for example, no friends, there are effects on the love relationship if that is even the most fantastic prince or princess will gradually boring, because you can not bring further impetus to the relationship through friends. With whom, for example, the column love close emotional relationship or missing, including missing something crucial. Only when these three pillars reasonably in balance are reasonably have or the same height, life is perceived as meaningful and satisfying. This may temporarily of course always be rescheduled, in times of stress, for example, the column may be working higher than the other columns, a permanent condition but should not that be, otherwise the meaning and the relationship breaks down.


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