Should we change the world?

Translated automatically from German to English bei google translator.

As a Christian basically yes. For it is geared to what said and did and lived Jesus Christus. On one hand, it is reported that he accepted people, especially those who were not particularly recognized in society, publicans, the sick, the poor and so on.

Secondly, he radicalized this commandment of charity so that it also demanded that one should love one’s enemies. Anyone who has ever had with someone armed knows that only in such situations rather banal understanding is not just sown wide. How difficult it must be so, actually to love enemies. And yet it provides a benchmark for which one should be directed. Because ultimately is behind that yes every man is a creature of God and is an encounter in every fellow man as it were a reflection of God. What you did for one of my brethren, you did it to me, Jesus says at one point.

Therefore one is when one is Christian, at least if one is not only pro forma, automatically also someone who wants to constantly improve the world in terms of Christ. So that everyone can live with dignity. can live with dignity that God, who shows up in fellow human beings. For God appeared quite human in a human being in Jesus, in the way that we can somehow put into our thinking and understand the incomprehensible people, God.


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