The man’s sexual harassment

Translated automatically from German into English by google translator.

Normally, women victims of sexual harassment in the workplace. Men are not taken actually from, because it is believed that everything is sexually occupied, was generally pleasing and welcome for a man. In the following article in the TIME this matter is investigated times more detail.

In this context, I recall incidents when I was an intern at an architecture firm. On a rather hot day the ladies in the office thought it was a small office with about four or five people, if it was ok if you dasäßen auszögen the shirt and only in bra. For me it was okay, because what to say great, although it was not very pleasant, too old and too uninteresting. Well, they should make time, if they necessarily meant. Ostensibly, it was the heat that motivated them. On a company party of the same office then suddenly curled an older friend of the head of her leg around mine under the table, there was a little alcohol involved. I ignored it and that was that then after half a minute over. Uncomfortable it was, although it did not have at that time the term sexual harassment in mind. It was not traumatic, but also not what one would have so desired. And again another time at a party of a friendly office about 50 years of executive secretary had apparently this office taken a liking to me and put it on it to walk with me to the door, to smoking, ostensibly. I was then run all of nowhere and introduced me stupid, as if I had not understood what should go there.

Since this is about the whole thing for an internship, I was not too heavily dependent on these people and would, if necessary, can also terminate overnight. Would be the same but happens in the office, where you would have been made, it would become more precarious and complicated by far.

That’s why I found the article interesting linked below.

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