When the Grim Reaper calls

Translated from German into English by google translator.

Sometimes it can happen so fast. Something shocking it is anyway. Also, if you would not know it, and each could always and everywhere happen. But then something like that.

Have just over a distant acquaintances learned that he was emergency surgery overnight twice today because he had brain bleeding. Apparently he had some time every now and then a headache and when I think of it as accurate, he always had a relatively red head and a red face. so perhaps hypertension. Otherwise, he was actually more athletic. However, he had smoked but quite a lot, as I’ve noticed from a distance.

Last night, then so strong headache, then probably ambulance and then the two emergency operations. It now goes first to the question of whether he survived, and secondly, if he was to survive such. Whether he can lead a life afterwards as before. It seems that he currently has unilaterally a sort of paralysis appearance.

So if you are looking for something helpful, you might pray for him. Even if you do not know him. It might help.


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