No civil war in Spain so far

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Catalonia’s prime minister said yesterday Puigdemont for Catalonia’s independence in order to take them back again, it was namely first exposed. In general, he felt, but confirmed that it intended to implement the alleged intention of the Catalan citizens, namely to lead the region into the so-called independence. Overall, of course, was not mentioned in the whole thing that the referendum, which was held recently in Catalonia, was completely illegal, that did not appear over half of the Catalonians for election were (for this reason, presumably) and voters apparently several times her voice were able to give.

The escalation of the issue by Puigdemont however, the battle lines have hardened in Catalonia and one would not know what would happen if the region because actually illegally wanted to realize independence. Probably it would come to rampage, possibly a civil war would arise out of it.

About 30 major companies have already announced plans to leave the region in case of secession of Catalonia. Perhaps this threat has contributed to preliminary Puigdemonts give in and the fact that the region has no infrastructure in terms of taxation and justice.

So we can still eager to hold your breath as it goes on there way. And you can tell from words can be actions that can ultimately then also turn into violence. Words are not just words. Words mobilize masses, regardless of whether they are true or not. Because the referendum was seen constitutionally illegal and therefore contradicts the principles of democracy, after which struggled in the discourse on the best solution needs and what actual majorities across the state are not fictitious.

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