‘s easy to say

Translated from German to English with google translator

Recently I wrote from a distant acquaintance who had apparently suffered a stroke and what is probably still lies in a vegetative state. He probably had high blood pressure and would certainly not smoking with this diagnosis and should not drink. But if he revealed.

One is first inclined now to be very clever and wonder why did he not stopped. If he had to have known.

Secondarily, but you have to be a little sheepishly and admit that it is incredibly difficult to park habits also cherished. Who is a smoker, certainly knows that it is not easy to quit smoking, especially permanent. Who evenings often like to drink a beer, for which of course the same applies. And who can not imagine both, considering only one thing he likes to do and which has become dear and lived in. Stop, really, that’s really necessary?

In this context, I have to think with the rich young man, so with a rich young man who turns to Jesus and asks how he could have eternal life and to the pericope in the New Testament. Jesus advises him first, he should observe the commandments and live accordingly. But he makes so long ago. Then Jesus tells him that he should give his money to the poor and follow Jesus to him. Since the rich young man goes away sad.

Why? but he wanted to have eternal life. but it is instead a victim of his habits. He wants, but he can not.

Jesus’ disciples ask Jesus then, quite shocked, Master, how can ever anyone enter the kingdom of God? The answer, people can not, but nothing is impossible for God.


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