Science and God

Translated automatically from German to English by google translator

The following article addresses thoughts on scientific methods and understanding of reality.

A fisherman has a net with a mesh width of 5 cm. As he has therefore never caught a fish that is less than 5cm, he gets the idea that there could be no smaller fish than 5 cm.

does that mean that only those things for which there is measurement methods exist scientifically transferred to the natural sciences. Until recently, it was believed, for example, gravitational waves can not exist, but a few months ago they were discovered because they had the necessary measurement methods at once. The existence of gravitational waves was indeed postulated by some scientists, but it was up to her evidence to some extent a matter of faith.

Another case. Two researchers in the jungle state that grow in a clearing plants, flowers blossom and overgrown weeds. One assumes that there must be a gardener who was responsible for this Green. The two lay in wait, but see no gardener. Then one assumes, the gardener can not exist. For he presents him as a man with watering can and garden hose. In fact, however, is both researchers led by a semantic misunderstanding. The one that is meant by the term gardeners a man who must be visible, the other chooses this term for something bigger, for which he otherwise has no idea. He will basically say, behind the flowering of these plants must still be something that causes it. This he calls gardener.

The theologian Paul Tillich describes the understanding of reality in relation to God as follows: God is depth. With this understanding, even an atheist can already be a believer in some way. God is the depth of life, so who will draft in life, is already looking for something that is behind everything. Who escapes example, just an accident, begins to wonder why. An old friend who happens to meet quite unexpectedly in a foreign city, the question is why. These and other questions assume that life is more than what you can see that. So that life has a meaning and depth that is behind everything. Who makes such questions is to some extent already believe and are looking for a deep meaning, he’s finally been looking for God.


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