Dum loquimur, tempus iam fugit. Itaque carpe diem!

As we speak, already the time flees. Therefore, seize the day!

This wisdom today are still relevant, but come in this form by the Roman poet Horace in the first century BC. The only question how you have to use his time wisely and properly will?

So many people you ask, so many answers will we get. but probably it makes sense to stick to the following concept. His time one uses appropriate by one hand is on themselves eight, on the other hand respect the things and equipment and skills to his fellow human beings and for the third and tries to implement that have a certain extent in the cradle. One should therefore try to bring what’s in a, preferably to completion.

Who has artistic skills, is probably more difficult to do to become a mathematician. And vice versa. Is what life is about recognizing what you can . Because in this case it will be good. In other not, or only with great effort and you will never make it this far in these categories, as someone to whom the matter was placed in the cradle.

Alfred Adler once put it this way. Sadly, I look at the one who I could be.

Better it would be if you can once again looking back on his life say is: full of gratitude I look at the back, I could be and become am .

So help me God. Amen. I wish everyone who reads this article. You’re made more than you think.

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