Children nowadays have more self control

The children of today are no longer what they once were? That’s not true. 1968 subjected psychologists several children a test. Either they got a candy immediately, or if they could wait a few minutes, they got two candy. This test was then repeated recently and it did not come out of what had foreseen a large part of psychologists. Because this part had forecast that children could wait less today than it was then. but not true. While the children were waiting in 1968 about 3 minutes before she took up the candy, they can today three times as long to about 8 minutes namely. One should not just once in passing judgment on today’s children and young people today quickly. It says that is probably more about our own way of thinking of, than the children and young people. It unmasked us and reveals how we think about this age group. We, who have no children and adolescents spend more. Embarrassing really. For us, not for the young people.


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