Epicurus and creation

In the fourth and third century BC in Greece, a philosopher whose ideas have a certain relevance today lived. Epicurus, that was his name, was one of the atomists, so a nuclear teachers who had anticipated theoretically that everything we see, that the whole matter, from the smallest particles must pass the atoms. He introduced himself in such a way that they have different shapes and in a sense eyelets and hooks, with which they can be hooked together and thus, larger structures are produced. Why it exists, he left out, because what can you respond to this question. He defined that they flew for ages in infinite space and the fact that at some point an imbalance has come in the whole system, So now no longer would fly them all in the same direction, but by each other. That is why only they could also get caught with each other, because they were flying all parallel to each other, nothing would indeed may arise.

In this respect Epicurus is still relevant today in some respects, that there may be binding forces between atoms and from this fact molecules are formed and that there are tiny particles. Today we know though that there are still times smaller particles than atoms, so sub-particles of atoms, but the principle’s the same.

Thus, it arise from these structures tiny molecules, single cells, then it enormous body with trillions of body cells. In the US, the intelligent design movement seeks to show that behind all this lies an intelligent designer who must ultimately be God. But God can not be proved, at least there is yet no one succeeded. to refute it naturally goes any more. However, one should see the purpose of this intelligent design movement, even if they might refuse to be the reasons mentioned above, but, that is the wonder of the world that is around us and created in us and always new is created. This one may wonder then naturally quite approach to these questions and wondering why there is anything at all, and how it may be, that such highly complex beings because arise, although the answer the question then comes down to the theory of evolution. But here is the question of what is behind all, why it all works so and why there is everything. Room for God is so abundant there or for the question to him. Science and faith are not mutually exclusive, even if some people believe that. The natural sciences explore the question of Although some people believe that. The natural sciences explore the question of Although some people believe that. The natural sciences explore the question ofAs for the belief the question of why .


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    AMAZING!! ✨❤️🙏

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