Smoking has long been considered cool, but nowadays it is considered strictly unsexy and almost anti-social. Not without reason by the way. For it increases if you smoke, the likelihood either seriously ill even to cardiovascular problems or cancer or to gift his environment with such diseases.

Some time ago I read in the print edition of Time an interview with the head of Marlboro, whose parent company, Philip Morris, to bring out the new e-cigarette IQOS.

Although there was added that it is also not absolutely beneficial to health, but less health threatening than traditional cigarettes. The interviewed chief intimated that they wanted anyway bring any new customer to smoking, but old customers help to switch to a healthier system at all. What a noble train! As I drive permanently on billboards for IQOS and has been for many months, I have my doubts about this statement. If you wanted to re-educate only the previous existing customers to the supposedly healthier way of smoking, but you would need to make any public advertising. It would indeed be enough simply to place an indication of the new product on the previous Marlboro cigarette. Drum can be assumed that the above statement so probably not true. It’s market strategy so naturally need to be moved as before as many people to puffing. Cost what it may, and let’s health. No matter. The main thing the money rattles in the chest.


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