Easy easy

The word simply/easy has an unnoticed economy in the language and in everyday use. It has crept so and it seems as if you could break down everything in a simple manner and solved by using this word. These are precisely the things that are not simply in which this word is used as a matter of course. It would certainly gained a lot, would be if from this absurd use and aware. Because things will not simply by just that one denies its difficulty. Ahead is the recognition of the difficulty, and only then can you approach an unbiased manner to a thing because it is recognized and respected, that it is not easy. Here are a few examples.

Simple to change the job.

Speak now just once with her / him.

You’ve got to just put time together.

Because you simply seeks out the correct address.

just once go to a psychologist.

You just have to believe in yourself.

Be Simply drop friendly.

Just relax but just once.

Pick Just new friends.

But then marry simple.

Do not let stress not so simple.

Sees the world nevertheless simply times with different eyes.

Bite simply times the teeth.

Let you let yourself but just do not go that way.

Work hard but simply more.

just do not worry so much you.

Maybe you fall so an even more simple phrases that are anything but just are simple in many situations. Feel free to add in the comments.


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