Peter and the Wolf

Hurray, the wolves are back! In Germany, more and more wolves will gradually sifted and some environmentalists are pleased with this new, supposedly ecological happiness and balance. The wolf as a relative of the dog, some say, was almost a bit a friend of the people. In the musical tale “Peter and the Wolf” by Sergej Prokofjew, you can trace a little that little Peter this setting does not flatly shares. Ultimately, however, it is not he who is killed by the wolf, but the duck, which eventually finds himself in the stomach. In the fairy tale “Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf” the danger of this predator is also shown, although the grandmother only temporarily disappears in the stomach of the wolf, but then can be freed from this miraculously.

With the wolves to a similar question, such as in bear or perhaps wild boar results. Many years ago, there were media silly season Bruno the brown bear, which was ultimately shot because he was supposed to have been a so-called Schadbär. A few days ago now, namely on Friday, met unexpectedly in the town of Heide in Schleswig-Holstein, two wild boars, which pretty injured four people. You see, what a miracle, wild animals are not necessarily tame. As it looks now but with the wolf? He is not as harmless by far, as some environmentalists would like to have it, because they have in regard to him a somewhat idealized view. It is neither bad nor good, but he’s a predator. And this can behave dangerous in relation to man.

Ethically raises the question of whether the life of a wolf may be outweighed by a person or not. Could be shot for example, ten wolves to save a human life? 100 wolves? 1,000 wolves? Depending on what ethical basis is discussed here, you will probably come to different results. One could draw the bow to road transport. You should buckle up? If yes why? Here the answer is probably because a dead man already is one too many. So you could also, biblical argued keep the wolf. The man in the image of God is something the animal essentially Miscellaneous. So you need not quantitative here to argue and say 10,000 wolves they could not kill a human being. rather highone would say that is already a person is one too many, no matter how many wolves would cost. Now, however, it is so that no one would kill 10,000 wolves, this is only hypothetical to illustrate the scope of the ethical concept. One would surely find other ways to protect the people. But in principle the qualitative ethical evaluation would as just shown. Further information on the topic can be found below this link.

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