insects dying

In many Western countries, the amount of insects in recent decades has declined sharply. The superficial some people may look forward initially, because the crawling creatures so are not for everyone. Cryptically an ecological disaster is here but probably at. In Krefeld, Germany the amount of insects was measured since 1989 and this has since fallen by 76%. Since insects but for example, the basis for the diet of birds and other animals, it must be assumed that this strong quantitative decline also affects other animal species. Bees are necessary to pollinate other plants, for example. Without pollination by bees, some plant species will decline greatly in population. And here then people come into play, which indeed must feed on plants. Various reasons are eligible for the insects dying into consideration, such as intensive agriculture with over-fertilization of the fields, the strong use of herbicides, insects disoriented makes and thus kills the medium term as well as the sealing of green areas. The high meat consumption contributes to this development because he still requires an industrially streamlined, highly productive and effective agriculture. The impending ecological disaster here will be perceived in a short media outcry, but it is questionable whether the consequences in politics accrue. Without insects probably the whole ecological balance falters and the man likely to be significantly affected them. first to make long-term studies now likely to take too long, the policy would surely act fairly quickly to avert further damage to humans and animals. The question is whether it is their willingness and the voters would support this cause.


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