Do dreams sometimes see the future?

There are several ways you can deal with dreams. The psychologically established is that you make certain archetypes find in dreams and accordingly interpreting the dreams. Because psychologically, the brain continues during sleep and suggests events of the past day. If one focuses in this respect the interpretation of dreams, one can deduce interesting conclusions about their own feelings, fears and aspirations of the dreams.

Maybe there but sometimes another kind of dreams. And some who might be able to point to an upcoming event.

Last night I dreamed that we were sitting in the cockpit of a big airliner, just behind the pilot. The plane began loszurollen when suddenly a truck from the right was shot, who had no business there. The fuselage pierced him in the middle and I was worried that the rest of the truck could tear off the wings. Since the fuel tanks are located in the wings, I was afraid that, or a fire, possibly it may even could be an explosion. That’s why we fled as quickly as possible out of the cockpit windows and ran away from the aircraft. When we were far enough away and looked around us, however, we saw that there had been no explosion and no fire. I woke up at four in a cold sweat and found

This morning the following happened on the main airport Boryspil in Kiev. A transport plane that would take off around 10 am and had received from the ground staff release for taxiing, captured with the right wing a truck and threw him almost. As the truck came there, is questionable, because he had no business there. In addition, the release was indeed done for taxiing. It happened, fortunately, nothing more. The wing continued unabated and the fuel tank was accordingly not damaged. The passengers were able to continue a little later with another aircraft their journey.

The following link you can see the photo of the event and read the article.

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