Feeling guilty today on Reformation day?

Maybe you have a bad conscience today. Who knows why. So you’re in good company. Then Martin Luther, we do celebrate Reformation Day today in the commemoration, also suffered a massive bad conscience. However, his concern was more holistic and also religious. The question was, how can stand before God a human being, even if he tries to do everything right? Do you not always something wrong, even if you may have nothing knows about it? The Gospel finally gave Luther a clear conscience before God. For in him he found the central message that calmed him and which still lives on in the formulation of the “love God”. Luther found in one place in the book of Romans that man can stand before God only by the fact that he believes in him. And that God, who has shown in Jesus the man, a kind and gracious God who can forgive the wrongs. Anselm of Canterbury formulated some centuries before Luther similar thoughts as he went out in his Satisfaktionlehre that God the Father is righteous, God himself but opposes some of these justice by is also merciful, namely Jesus. For if God is just, he would have to basically punish every sin. Then man would have a big problem but because he could never stand before God. After Luther’s doctrine of justification man is justified before God, that is accepted by God, reason alone because God is gracious and meets the man in his grace. By faith alone the believer of God is believed by grace alone, through Jesus Christus alone, he knows of this grace and the nature of God alone in Scripture, it can even read about this good news. Sola gratia, sola fide, sola scriptura and solo Christo.

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