Trick or treating?

Unknown visitors at the door (T): Trick or treat!

Resident (B): Good evening!

T: Trick or treat!

B: Oh, I both do not like …

T: Do you have something for us?

B: What do you need ?

T: Well, Trick or treat!

B: Now it’s getting absurd. Who are you at all and who have hurt you?

T: Never mind, we go further …

B: You look so pretty worse…


T: It’s Halloween!

B: …?

T: Night of the Living Dead!

B: Need a doctor …?

T: It’s just so funny …

B: Sounds funny, how long have you been dead?

T: Come, let us move on, which is really too creepy …

B: Don’t you really need any help?

T: Goodbye …

B: Ciao …

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