It could all be so beautiful

Everything could be so nice if it were not for the atrocities made by humans. War, rape, murder, robbery, theft, extortion, striving for power and so on. Basically, it would not need to give all of these things, because no one else she does, than the man himself. It is in the nature of man to want and to want to demand more rights for themselves overstep yourself than you allow other people want. That’s the problem with the whole thing. If it were possible for man to do so and to reflect on himself and his fellow man responsible, the world would be a much better one stroke. No one would have more starving, no one dying from drugs, no one would take his car or his house close more, because everyone would respect each other’s boundaries. Quite extremely wide thought it would perhaps have called basically even that one was going to the supermarket, the would take what you need, and would do in return for the operator of the supermarket other work so that he also did not come too short. A utopia.

Why the whole is not so, you may find itself well itself, if you look annoyed at someone. What is the trouble, how small their own insight.

Yet Jesus has formulated a target of this vision, your fellow human love as yourself. Prerequisite is that you love yourself. But also the others. A central idea is given to the first book of Moses, so in Genesis, according to which man was created in the image of God. In each fellow a thus encountered a spark of God, a divine spark, which is also in ourselves. With this background knowledge, it could maybe a little easier for one to love one’s fellow men. And want to fulfill Jesus’ more radical core demand also, which is that, even love your enemies. Because if every person has a spark of God in them, basically no one can be an enemy.

This vision, of course, in reality, as we know it, massive limits. Nevertheless there in a vision always a reality as it could be and develop. With this thought, you should try to approach the next fight, the next disagreement, the next injustice once. Because this idea makes it one a little easier once to make one’s own view behind and to engage with the possible view of the other, so to anticipate what he or she think and feel could. Then the world could be a little better actually. And not only could. You can, if we want it.

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