Texas Sutherland Springs

Just one month after the heaviest firearms attack in the United States, in which there were 58 dead in Las Vegas, shot yesterday, a young man 26 people who had just attended a church service in a Baptist church. President Trump said that the US had no firearms problem, but a problem with mental health.

Regarding the assassin can this thesis probably agree, but add well that such bombers without firearms could of course cause is far from such a disaster. In this respect there is obviously still a problem with too much firearms in the US. Nothing will change but probably. Because the thesis of the gun lobby is if everyone had a gun there, so everyone would be safe. The people in the Baptist church had here no guns, as it seems. And they would probably probably never having it. In this respect, the gun lobby argument is gripping something from the air. But that bothers yes no great spirit.

http : //www.zeit.de/gesellschaft/2017-11/sutherland-springs-schiesserei-kirche-soldat-donald-trump

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