Is it love at first sight?

This topic is being discussed in a philosophy forum in which I occasionally read pure. Here, a theoretical analysis to it. So there is love at first sight?

Yes and no.

Yes , in the sense that it can trade with each other by a certain appeal and attraction for certain people. But it can also be their own wishes and desires that are projected in the other inside. This is even likely, because you still do not know the other person. If things go well, some are filled with these expectations in a good way, if things go bad, you will be disappointed in the sense that one sees the end of his own deception.

No in the sense that, and because love is something else than mere infatuation or attraction to. Love goes much deeper. Only when you know a person well, you can actually love him.

Drum my thesis at the so-called love at first sight one actually encounters himself to get his own desires and expectations, which it is hoped in another, met.


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