In the canteen

There are places that do not look for it on out of conviction, but because you have to. So even in the cafeteria because you’re hungry. Although it is not there always full, unless you have maybe a size of 1.20 m and a weight of 60 kg, then the portions were more than ample.

Thus one is now in the queue and the lady in front of a that we know quite well so far, gets a portion of rice and 4 spring rolls. Oops, she says, three rolls of hand me so completely! The lady at the counter takes a back.

Then you think to yourself, it would be a good idea if one of the four roles one could get added the fifth himself, because then you probably could actually be full and would. In this regard, you ask the lady at the counter, but receives a rejection indignantly.

it would now be quite quick-witted, one would probably immediately think of something even what could be countered. However, the situation is that you tacitly accepts the whole thing is a first such incomprehensible. But you do then thought and concludes that the lady was probably already overwhelmed at the counter with the fact that they had to spend instead of four spring rolls, contrary to well-established concept. 3 Clear that they just do not want to be put off his stride again this way. Where would we be then. The whole beautiful system’d collapse if the counted and a planned quantity is not met. One wonders just how it goes with the amount of control when it comes to more complex quantitative data, such as in chips or noodles.

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