Ridley Scott cuts out Kevin Spacey

Ridley Scott, the cult director, known for films such as Blade Runner, Alien, Thelma & Louise and Gladiator, reacted sharply to accusations against the actor Kevin Spacey. This fact is placed increasingly on the burden of being repeatedly become sexually grip. Ridley Scott has consequences and cuts from the already wacky movie “All the money in the world”, which will start in theaters in six weeks, all the scenes out where Kevin Spacey occurs. The scenes are re-enacted with another actor. As much as one may find the approach Ridley Scott one hand well and understand, one should be clear, well that takes place here is prejudice, without that the allegations were obviously far indeed justified and proved to be correct. Such stigmatization of a person is this never get rid of it. It may well be that the allegations are factual, but for example applicable in Germany in the legal field first of the presumption of innocence. If after some time coming out that Kevin Spacey would probably still innocent, but could never be made completely reversed his public, media prejudice. The call would be ruined forever what he is probably already have. A rather double-edged sword so. On the one hand you do not want, of course, that people who are actually sexually grip were or simply get away with that. And in this area, it is certainly difficult to cite actual evidence, especially if the acts already date back a long time.

http : //www.zeit.de/kultur/film/2017-11/alles-geld-der-welt-kevin-spacey

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