Who was St.Martin?

The son of a Roman Militärtribuns grew up there, where Hungary is today. He struck at the behest of his father, a military career, as he was obliged as the son of a Roman officer under the provisions of the Emperor Diocletian for military service. Over time it his Christian faith changed such that he asked for dismissal from the military service, which was finally granted him at the age of 40 years by Kaiser Julian. A few years earlier, when he was 36, he allowed himself to buy from the Bishop of Poitiers. In 361 he built the first monastery of the West, the Abbey de Liguge. He was the third bishop of Tours in France today.

If today attract many children with the lantern through the streets, singing St. Martin songs, remember thus a fact, as Martinus so Martin of Tours, at that time still as a soldier of the cavalry of the imperial guard around the year 334 on a winter day before Amiens a poor naked man gave half of his own jacket to protect him from certain Kältetod. He acted so as defined in Seven Acts of Mercy, which one finds in the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 25 35-40. From a Roman soldier who supported imperial ambitions, a fighter for humanity and charity as Jesus had become. Even today, his actions can be considered as exemplary, and each individual.

https : //de.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martin_von_Tours

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