How to be happy?

Read just not too much paper. Because newspapers live naturally it to report on abuses in society and politics. That certainly makes sense on the one hand, because certain things need to be addressed in order to lead to democratic decisions. But it can also be stressful, constantly always read just about problems, at least when it creates no compensation. One could then come to the conclusion that the problems in the world would have the upper hand. Because the media world tends to produce a one-sided problem-laden worldview. On the other hand, one should of course read the newspaper, at least high-quality, to be a responsible citizen and stay. then is personal happiness in this tension. So you do not get heal out of the thing. Personal Information is important to personal happiness as well. One should just not let too much bother from the problems in the world, although one should perceive it naturally and broach. is also in charge always in the knowledge that, while some can make as individuals, but not for everything. Perhaps we should for every problematic article that you read, keep a positive conversation with a loved one or with another person.

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