Why you are something special

Depending on their situation, one is sometimes not quite sure if or how much is he/she is actually worth. Biblical argued but you and every person has a tremendous value. Already in the Old Testament, at the very beginning in Genesis, the thought is formulated, that God created man in his own image. Today we assume that this is probably happening on the path of evolution, but that does not change Principle of the fact that behind a will is that, in existence has everything there can come and this so wanted.

Paul, the most famous Christian missionary, summarizes in Romans his realization thus: to meet to God, it takes no longer the law of works, but the law of faith. Martin Luther attacks the idea many centuries later and formulated it this way: we can not manage to work with our deeds and works of God, but God accepts us, simply because he wants it that way, and the mere fact that we are in him believe and the fact that he has shown in Jesus and has told of how he is. Namely kind and gracious and loving. by God’s grace alone every person is accepted from him and is infinitely more for God. Thus you too. If that’s for no good news. You are loved, you are needed and you’re wanted. Going from the highest authority of the universe and of all that exists. personally by God. Because you can actually say thanks.

The following link you can listen to thoughts on the subject.


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