About the nature and mischief of to-do lists

Many people lead them in different ways. The one digital, the other in a planner, some as separate pieces of paper. To-do lists are useful if you have to do more than two or three things to separate the important from the unimportant and, where possible, not to forget the important thing. but they can also be frustrating. For if we live with the mistaken notion that someday to-do lists were once done, you can only despair basically. It is better to look at the matter even know how it is. As long as you live, there will always be something to do and as long as you live, you will always have to-do lists. They never stop. You only change. This knowledge is but actually quite relaxing. Because it takes the seemingly never-ending to-do list a little horror. One can now say to her: “Good morning, realize that you are full, but does not matter because it will be always so. You also have a nice day.”

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