The doubting climber

A while ago, I heard that someone is seriously ill. That makes a naturally affected. Then I remembered this story came from the climbers, but I must question again.

They went something like this. A climber was how it is to be expected, on the road in the mountains. He arrived in bad weather and extremely dense fog. He tried because he was on a steep wall, abseiling, to escape the cold. Eventually, his hands and his body was so stiff that he could barely move on to the abseiling. It threatened him on the icy steep face certain death by freezing.

As he prays to God for help. This also responded effectively. He asked the mountaineer, you trust me? He answered yes. God went on to ask, I did not always accompany you in your life? The climber said yes, you did. God continued, if you trust me, now cut your rope through.

The next day they found frozen to death the climber. What was completely incomprehensible to anyone who found him was the fact that he hung about two meters above the safe ground on his rope. They wondered why had he just do not cut the rope.

As far as the history. You probably actually says something about the confidence of other and in God. On the one hand, it implies that you can trust God and should be. On the other hand, comes to the fore is how incredibly difficult it can be in some situations. Maybe sometimes almost impossible for a human. One wonders why God does not simply told in the history of the climbers that he was hanging two meters above the ground saving. Well, because it’s just a story. It takes up some key aspects of life in order to make something clear. And that is, you can trust God, but that this can be very difficult and that there are situations that make you perhaps did not come out on their own healing. Especially in existentially threatening situations such a story is up to date. What, if you are very sick and in despair? Here is indeed basically hardly a way out. Maybe a miracle which can never be ruled out. Surely it makes sense to fight for their own lives. And obviously does the same sense to trust that the matter will somehow turn out all right in and through and with God. In life as in death. Because the hope of God, who introduced himself in Jesus, man, is indeed the that there is life after death. Regardless reported a lot of healing miracles of Jesus, so that one may hope today that God can intervene healing. However, as God’s plan is accurate, is always incomprehensible to us humans well. In this respect remains the trust that God wants the best for us.

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