Can we humans change?

It is not that someone will change, just because you this would permanently give any tips. Change starts from the inside out. Therefore, it is useful if someone or someone’s behavior might disturb one that you start first of all with himself. The other will not go away with night? If one is so far then remained at home, this can be changed even once. The other does not like going to concerts? That does not mean that you could not even do it yourself. Change is difficult and it costs something. Or it is also difficult because it costs something. It costs convenience and habit and Registered Fahrenheit, which one loses a certain extent, because you have to break out of their own comfort zone and wants. However that you win something. Namely a new type and intensity to live and feel life. And then the other may possibly also change because you just also is not as convenient and predictable for him, it seemed. Then suddenly changes can be set in motion that affect several people. but can start only one. You do. Because you fight against entrenched habits must, which are also reflected in the brain structures, you have to build small aids. This can be friends, with whom you agreed to even leave. These may be ideas that one imagines possible color and realistic, as it would be if you do something with a difference. And that can be a vision, as it could be in some time, if you now something changes. For man can, within its borders at least change, if he wants. It will not be a completely different person, but you can become who you should be. Alfred Adler puts it this time reversed from: Sadly I look at the one who I could be. In positive terms, it is also: with pleasure I expect to be the one God had in mind when he gave me life.

To make changes on a small scale once and so to remember that change is quite possible you can put on another place for breakfast. Listen to another station. a station off earlier from the train or tram. to walk to work. Or by bicycle. read a book from which it was thought that you wanted to read it before. And so on. For many small steps are then larger and eventually large. God has not created even one day the world. *

* (Without being here now discuss the meaning of each day of the world creation, although they are certainly not literally be understood as a day.)

I wonder why I actually selected this picture. Maybe because we humans sometimes think of ourselves as a camel just can not change its characteristics readily?

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