Christiane F. We Children from Bahnhof Zoo

Yesterday I started to watch the film “Christiane F. We Children from Bahnhof Zoo”. And I’m frightened. Notably because of how young Christiane F. was. Because the film is based on a true story indeed. Christiane is just 13 when she slides right into the drug scene inside. And it was not so that they would be the typical child or teenager typical in any way, which the would inevitably happen. It comes easy one to another. The mother has a boyfriend, and therefore is a bit limited their attention to Christiane, the sister pulls out, namely the Father, and Christiane is in a phase of life, of course, in which they studied with other teenagers contact and also the theme of love for them centrally. She goes with the wrong friend in the wrong club and meets the wrong alleged friends. That was it already. And then she slips into drugs, prostitution and a life that is no more. Dramatically. It makes it clear how important it is to cater for young people, especially in the stage of puberty, to assist them with confidence to the side and not to let them down. For a fast life is forfeit.


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