Should we place the cards?

Love the people would know something about their future and so there is the Internet a few offers that promise to predict a future. For example, you can set up online tarot cards. What to make of this? In the Old Testament it is strongly discouraged because you should trust only one, namely God the one. God is an abomination when you go to fortune tellers, is there. But what if people are less biblically oriented? May then? Divination light one finds so for example, in any magazines in the form of horoscopes. That they can not agree, of course, is yes obvious. For how could a huge number of people who just have the same zodiac sign, the same future apply? Absurd. But absurdity has barely held a man in this thrill to want to learn a little about their own future. Let’s go the whole thing reversed times. Suppose a soothsayer would predict a positive things, then we would live in a tense expectation, whether these things would be fulfilled. As a rule, it must be assumed that there could be more than mere fluke. Conversely, it is dramatic. When a soothsayer predicts bad things a person or possibly even an illness or death, perhaps in combination with a date, then the person comes into a psychological downward spiral. Depending on the type one can deal with such a supposed knowledge so that you then need psychotherapy. Or the same soothsayer seeks repeatedly and rich makes, in the hope that he would at last a prophesy something positive. And that would be one itself then an abomination.

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