Is that funny

I sit in the lunch in a restaurant and eat my kebab. If a couple in, he says, we will get to the window, which he finds funny. I find funny, he repeated. I wonder what he finds so funny about it. Run down around clowns? Did I miss something? Is listed below a satire show? Or he finds it just funny to sit at a window, because this is something quite unusual for him? In fact, down, below the first floor, where we sit, already happen absolutely comical things. For example, a tram runs past. Passers-by running across the sidewalk. Cars run over a cross. The traffic light flashes red funny, then they will eventually yellow, then green and then vice versa. Everything pretty funny. But I confess, basically it’s my fault. Sometimes, fortunately not too often, I put too much emphasis on the word. Perhaps the man simply could not think of the right word, and he finds it not fun to sit at the window, but beautiful. I look both me while I eat in my kebab gradually into me casually. He wears a wedding ring if she is wearing one, I do not know. He sits prevented to her, she leans on the chair, not turned directly to him, but turned away from the axis to the right. He wants something from her. The two are, I think it at least, not married. Perhaps Boss and employees. Perhaps colleague and colleague. He, with his wedding ring on his finger just possibly about to bandeln with a colleague. His wedding ring does not seem it disturbing. This is no longer so funny. Not so funny…

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