Does Jesus heal even today?

When Christians pray to Jesus, they do not to the man Jesus, but to God, who has shown in Jesus. For simplicity and for clarity they call him Jesus, but my the divine order. Jesus is seen as its own separate hypostasis, as a separate entity. God the Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit. Externally, the Christian God is as the One, inside consists of three members, the Christian dogma. Since God has shown in Jesus, can be said about him something and know how it is by its very nature this way. Namely kind and gracious and loving. Jesus heals many sick people alleging gospel. At that time it had a double meaning. On the one hand it was the healthCure. On the other hand, was someone who was ill, as sinfulBecause it was assumed that he must have indeed done something bad, for which he was punished with illness. Therefore, it is so that Jesus people he absolves them from their sins, yet reintegrated into society. He says you’ve done nothing wrong, but you belong with them. With this attitude, he underwent the temple cult to the just sick and the poor and other outcasts had no access. But this reintegration into society may also have caused psychological healing. It would also surely be able to sign some rational people. These people, although it is clear that there are not a homogeneous group, which I mean, would probably argue in terms of healing miracles so that in the Gospels in the described therein healing miraclesExperience rescue stuck and was compressed in the text. So one can not say exactly whether Jesus actually sick people have cured, but must recognize the overriding statement that Jesus has saved people. If these rational thinking people ask why there is the world, they would probably accept one of the causes behind it, because the world would not have to be out of nothing and simply emerged spontaneously. Then at that point they leave their rationality again. For purely rational argument one would here say yes, you can just about make any statement. Over the world go bywe can not know how Immanuel Kant already postulated people namely actually. Because certain things we can not think away us in the imagination, a world without time , without space , and without a self . For this, our brains or our thinking capacity is too limited built fundamentally wrong or. Which of course does not mean that there could not be something behind the world. The film matrix , for example, plays with this idea. There, people live in a computer matrix, which they consider to be the real world. Within it, however, the normal laws of nature, with exceptions. Special people within the matrix, these natural lawsskip. This is just a thought as to whether you can hold wonders for possible or not. We must not believe that we now live in a computer matrix necessarily, but should be kept open, that there may be more to the world than we superficially first accept such thinking in that direction. And with such opennessare miracle cures then suddenly just yet again possible or conceivable in principle. So if you yourself want to try even know if Jesus whether God can be effective in your life, make the most itself the test. He is far from just a prayer. If you have health problems, ask Jesus to help you. However, in the knowledge that God and Jesus are no jukebox, where someone drops one euro and then finds out a song that also still exactly the song that you have selected themselves. It is not that one then just get a prayer you could wish for. But the experience of many devout Christians is cause, the prayers something, not only mentally for oneself. But that there is a force and power they call God, which they call Jesus, which is behind the world and can act in the world, if you speak to her in prayer. And this power has a vital interest in people, because only then can you understand that this power in the midst of the people gifted in the form of Jesus, and it was their not too good to give up their own power in a threatening situation and can even be beaten by the people to the cross. So do just once the test and they pray to God or Jesus, depending on how you respond this kind and loving power that stands behind all the most. And then you wait to see what happens. Perhaps healing is actually happening, maybe so suddenly you meet someone who is from a Christian called a Messenger of God, an angel, a man who sends God to you, regardless of whether this person is aware or not, maybe just you have new thoughts. But go times assume that a reaction takes place.


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