Findings of science

Since the exploration of the world started on a scientific basis, humanity has acquired more and more useful knowledge. What was still believed in ancient times that because there are tiny particles, is now proved, although these atoms still consist of several small sub-Divided, as we know today. All of these minute particles are finally out of power, and even though one may wonder what is the energy philosophical thought actually, you can, after all, make a scientific description of matter. We now know that photons flying through the air when we see light that electrons move when current flows that there are gravitational waves, radio waves, X-rays and so on.

Thus, we know that the whole world has been created with its smallest particles through an almost endless number of coincidences and the universe has it developed with his life in it.

The previous sentence is by the way not a scientific but a belief. I mean only the term accident not the sentence itself. I will also not go in the direction of intelligent design, please do not get such. I just want it to point out that even though we are scientifically very far these days, yet still have philosophical assumptions as the basis, we unquestioningly as proved assume, although we have not really questioned. For what is, for example, the chance? Just because of the coincidence in its entirety considered a statistical value is that says yes nothing about the single chance. So there is still the possibility, still to be located behind certain things in the world the work of God. But even that is a matter of faith.

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